21. Remember And Use Names

I find that people are more receptive to you if you remember their name and use it within your conversation. This is easy with the colleagues you already know and are working with but this is more important for people you have just met. But that means you need to remember the names of your new acquaintances. The traditional business card exchange comes in handy when meeting new external contacts but what about all the new internal colleagues. There are tips that you can use to help. If you are attending a meeting, before you go review the invite so you can see who should be attending. You can jot down the first names of the new people so you can look to connect the face with the name. At meetings when people are introducing themselves, you can write down their names in the position of where they are sitting at the table. You can refer to it during the meeting, especially if there are many new people being introduced at once. I have also found it useful to say their name quickly in conversation early because it helps reinforce it in your memory. Then at the end of the meeting I try to use their name one final time as I personalize the fact that I am looking forward to working with them in the future..

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