13. Focus On What Matters

There are a lot of people, things, projects that will be vying for your attention every day of every week. So it is important to pick the projects that are most important to you, your manager and the organization.  The ones that will have the most impact. This could include a mixture of short, medium and longer term impact projects. Once you have prioritized your workstreams, focus becomes key.

I am a good multi-tasker and can keep multiple balls in the air at once. However, lately I have found a key to forward momentum for me is focus, specifically focusing on the highest priority projects. So now instead of me having 10 different projects that I am shuffling between at one time, I have streamlined to 2-3 of those high priority items and spend the majority of my time working on all the facets of these. I am noticing that I am able to really move the needle because of the concentrated effort and it opens the door for me to potentially make a larger contribution because of my prioritization and focus. Others might find this approach useful too.

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