73. Take The Opportunity To Stand Out

Standing out helps you get noticed. There are so many people in a crowd it is easy to blend in, if you want to. But what if you want to stand out, how can you go about doing that?  Now if drawing attention to yourself in a group setting sounds a little intimidating, there is a way to ease into this. Many meetings have Q&A sessions. This is a time when everyone is hoping people ask questions, so you are in the right place. So make a deal with yourself that you will ask a question in every Q&A session that you attend. Take notes during the session so you make sure that you have gotten the main points. You can ask a clarifying question on one of the main points to ask the speaker to go further, which they are always more than willing to do. Or you can have a number of predetermined questions at the ready. What are the biggest challenges you see us facing in the next 6 months? What is your top priority? If there is one thing you would like the audience to take away from your discussion today, what would it be? After a while, speaking up and standing out can become second nature for you.

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