7. Create A Kudos File

No one will be a better advocate for you than you. So during your review is the time to make sure you are not shy about your accomplishments. However, sometimes it may be hard for you to toot your own horn. You may feel like you are sounding too braggy or being too forward. You will need to make sure you are clear on the benefits you have brought to the team so they are highlighted. However, you can augment and compliment your own point of view with the feedback from others. After every project or presentation, I write down the comments from my clients, customers and partners. What was their feedback? What did they like? How will they use this to take action and impact the business? If they don’t offer this up proactively I ask for the feedback in email and they are always happy to send. I then store these comments in my kudos folder. When it comes review time, I go straight to this folder and copy and paste these testimonials along with the name and title of who said it so there are always others that are helping me paint the picture of my contributions.  This approach has helped give my review more credibility and well-rounded input.

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