8. Review Your Week Before It Starts

I think staying on top of your calendar is key for a productive week. I like to link what I want to accomplish to deliverable dates. I proactively decided that I would take a little time out on Sunday night to set myself up for success for the next one to two weeks. I evaluate what deliverables I want to achieve when and then go about working backwards to set meetings and blocking work time to meet my milestones and deadlines. This means that I can hit the ground running on Monday morning knowing that my time has been planned to achieve my short term goals. Mind you things change throughout the week..people decline meetings and they need to be rescheduled, projects take longer than you think, managers give you additional work, but now I am at least working with my most up to date playbook. Then at the end of each day, before I head home I take 5 minutes to review the upcoming schedule, especially for the next day to see what has changed and implement whatever tweaks I need to make to stay on course from a calendaring perspective.

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