66. Create And Protect Blocks Of Work Time

I am a fan of back to back meetings because I think it is efficient to have blocks of meetings and then a block of work time for yourself. Ideally you may want to have your meetings start at 5 or 10 minutes after the hour in order to give other colleagues with back to back schedules a chance to get from one meeting to another and not be late. This concentration of meetings will then hopefully open up a time in the day that allows you a chunk of work time. You may want to try and schedule at least a 2 hour block of work time on your schedule every day for your highest priority project. It is amazing how efficient you can be in these blocks to knock out creative projects that require thinking and focus. My personal rule is not to respond to email during my blocks of work time so I don’t get distracted. You will want to protect this block of work time as much as possible but may find that sometimes you need to be flexible on when in the day it occurs and the length of time you actually get. As a special treat to yourself you might want to try a day with no meetings.  You will be amazed at how productive you can be!

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