11. Take All Your Vacation Days

ALWAYS take your vacation days. This is a must. Once you start working, endless summers will be a thing of the past. Vacation days become sacred, whether it is two weeks or more, make sure that you take each and every day coming to you. You will have earned it!! And the wonders of disengaging will get you through the next year. Too many times I heard that peers say they lost vacation days because they didn’t think they could get away from work. The breaks are as important if not more important than the work. Work may not like you being gone but the work will be waiting for you when you come back.  Sometimes it may even seem like more work preparing to leave and picking back up when you get back, but time away serves to give you a break and reenergize you for what’s coming up.  It’s up to you what you choose to do with your vacation time, but please take it all.

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