Elaine Werffeli and her daughter

September 2014 is my 24th anniversary at Microsoft. In looking back the time has flown by. I have had the great fortune to work on a variety of groundbreaking projects. I also had the chance to work with some pretty amazing people. This has been and continues to be a recipe for great learning and growth for me. 

My daughter graduated from high school this year and has now headed off to college. I wanted to give her a unique, special and meaningful gift as she moved on to college and beyond. I came up with the idea of compiling my top personal insights from my time at Microsoft and sharing them with her. We spent this past summer together reviewing these memorable insights, picking ones that she related to and discussing how they could apply to us both. It is my hope that armed with these insights she may have a slightly easier start than if she had to learn these lessons on her own. 

At work I mentor a number of colleagues, both men and women, but haven’t found a successful way to scale these relationships into greater learnings for others. While thinking about this collection of insights, I shared some of my ideas with family, mentees, friends and colleagues. They were excited about the concept and interested in hearing these insights and passing them on to others. In fact it is my friends who suggested publishing a blog to spread the word on a broader scale. It is because of their interest and support that today Catch Insights! has become a reality.

So with the one year countdown to being at Microsoft for a quarter of a century (hard to believe), the timing is right to launch the Catch Insights! Blog. I am excited about taking this opportunity to pay it forward and share some of my insights with others..to give back in my own way. I certainly don’t expect all the insights to resonate with any one person but it is my hope that there will be one or two gems for each visitor will be interested in.

It is my goal for this blog to share one personal insight a day for 100 days…Let the countdown begin!

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